Three Steps to Creating a Podcast

13 Nov
For my personal learning project, I chose to focus on podcasting. I’d researched the program Audacity earlier in the semester, but I didn’t get in-depth with the program, besides tinkering around with the editing tools. For this project though, I’ve learned far more about podcasting than I ever thought I would want to know.
Before starting the project, I decided to change the program I would use for podcasting. I like Audacity, but after playing around with GarageBand, I felt more comfortable. GarageBand is a more user-friendly option for mac users and has quite a few similarities to the video editing program, Final Cut Pro.
The interesting thing I’ve learned about podcasting is the many steps needed before you can upload and publish your podcast.
1. Create a Podcast
This step took much longer than I thought it would. I anticipated that since the process was audio-based, it would be easy to edit. I noticed that with just audio; I became much pickier about what I wanted to publish. I wrote a script and edited it to sound more casual. I also added music to avoid hearing only my voice for five minutes. I found the editing process to be fun in a strange way. It’s interesting to assemble a podcast, piece by piece.  After I edited my podcast,  I uploaded the file to my iTunes so that it could be uploaded to the Internet as an MP3 file.
2. Upload your podcast
Finding a reputable website to upload podcast files took some searching, but there are plenty of sites to choose from. I originally started with, but the embed application wouldn’t display within my WordPress blog. I switched to and WordPress still wouldn’t display the media player. As you can see above, I’ve settled for the link that will transfer you to my PodBean media player.
3. Publish your podcast
I chose to publish my podcast to my blog on WordPress. I would generally recommend doing this so you can reach your current audience. I think I may have been able to have a media player in my blog if I wasn’t used the template WordPress system.
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