Taking a Tour of Downtown Ozark

16 Oct

I wasn’t sure where to start on our required blog post for this week to take pictures of a subject. As I was driving home from class and thinking about the post, I decided to stop and explore downtown Ozark. I’ve been living in Ozark for the past year and hadn’t really taken the time to see what the town had to offer. I parked in the square and started walking around, looking at the different buildings. I soon realized that downtown Ozark is quite small. I enjoyed that aspect, as it was easy to walk around the entirety of downtown snapping pictures. As I was exploring, I noticed a strange monument by the town center. According to this article, a group of vigilantes, known as the Bald Knobbers, were hanged in the square after three of their group assaulted and killed two men in the region.I didn’t realize until writing this that the Bald Knobbers are featured on the Silver Dollar City Ride, Fire in the Hole.

A building I wish I could have explored more was the Ozark Mill. I’ve seen many people having their senior photos taken by it, but I’ve never stopped to take a look. The building resides beside the Finley river and has an interesting layout. I would’ve taken more pictures, but many of the sections were blocked off by no trespassing signs. I considered ignoring them, but barb wire convinced me otherwise. I peeked in through windows and there was construction equipment inside. I wonder if someone is planning to renovate the building.

My favorite picture is of the orange Volkswagen. When I look at it, I get this Fall feeling inside. I also like the pictures of the building with the flower garden, but I can’t seem to remember what the building was for. I’m a sucker for old mills and exploring abandoned buildings.

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