Offering Value to the Customer

09 Oct

Offering value to the customer, through social media, is of the utmost importance in today’s fast click society. Brian Solis discussed an interesting topic in his latest blog post related to the subject. I touched on a similar topic in my previous blog post, which discussed that people should question why they use certain social media technology. In his post, Brian discusses an idea called social “stream fatigue”. The idea is if a company or organization posts on social media networks consistently without offering value, people will stop listening or unfollow them on their social media account. I completely agree with this consensus. Many times on my Facebook account, I’ve found organizations that I follow, don’t offer a good reason for me to continue to subscribe to their page. Or their posts are so infrequent; I often forget I was following them in the first place.

The big question now is: how does an organization engage its audience, while offering value? A suggestion, offered by Solis, is that organizations simply ask consumers what they would like to see.  This could be done through surveys or by simply posing the question on the respective organizations Facebook page.

After I read Solis’s article, I looked around on Facebook to find an organization that does a good job offering value to the customer using social media. I’ve noticed clothing companies do very well with offering value to their customers, especially on Facebook. They do so by offering sales promotions and giveaways through their social media networks.  I understand not every organization can follow the same business model, but I do think it provides a good example of how to use social media. I specifically looked at Lands’ End Canvas Facebook account and found they have a fantastic system of providing customer interaction.

A unique customer service they employ is hand-written thank-you letters to customers for Internet purchases.

Lands’ End Canvas shows a great approach, in my opinion, of how to generate awareness and maintain a loyal customer base through social media. They also avoid overexposure to their audience by only posting information once a day. As marketing and public relations activities move into the online world, companies will have to adapt to prove themselves to their customers. It’s not enough to simply have an online presence. Organizations have to make it worthwhile to visit their online persona.


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